The logic is in here, although it may take some digesting.  Expanding on P4   with reasoning and exercises to get you on the way

    to 'rowing on silk' . Without posture the blade cannot connect and accelerate to boat speed without, as most are told.

'connect with the legs' ,  'load the legs',   'stand on it' .

The Ferret thinks, why use any legs,  leg-drive, let-alone slide, when the blade is not in an optimal, mechanical

position of efficiency to propel the boat . let alone,  if the blade isn't in the water, you're going nowhere.

Have fun with this one!!!

The second Chapter of-   The Battered Rower.

By the:    Feathering Ferret.   

The order of contents/chapters needed to have a beginning so as not to waste time plowing through a book and loose another rower . 

This format should let you get your teeth into why rowing can be successful for some  or become daunting for others  

Rowing has a cultured belief that it is, too hard,  one has to be a special breed , mad,  a big commitment .......

This Is an out of the box look at rowing to offer rowers some thought provoking ideas  on boat moving and conditioning

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The Battered Rower - Ch 1 Posture -Towards The Logic

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