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The first chapter  from The Feathering Ferret  and aptly titled,  The Battered Rower  has rolled out 30th July 2018

An 'out of the box' (3d thinking)  , not out of the square  (2d following a map)  or   1d   (denial )

When the boat does go, it could be considered  4d (the zone)

Sadly not many rower experience it for more than a few strokes on end. Only some coaches  can see it when it happens.

Successful coaches and rowers are already focused on boat moving and for most is a closely guarded secret.

The Ferret's philosophy  of success  is,  doing it (row, paddle, cruise, bump, sprint, race 1k or more, erg!! ) and

                                           above all  winning is a bonus and always look forward to enjoying the next season 

And YES there is an easy way.  

Chapter 1

P4 = Perfection     introduces   four  priorities  that are required to format your Novice and Rower into

a flow-rower,  not  a grunt-rower, boat stopper.

Chapter 2

P4  The Logic       -   Brief  explanation  why each 'P' is important and are prioritized  

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