About Us

Oarthentic Oars is a boutique business that manufactures replica miniature oars and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. 
I am passionate about rowing and have been involved in the sport for over 52 years. I began rowing as a school boy and went on to row for New Zealand. 
I produce customized miniature oars from plastic and then paint the blades with any country, club or school, colours and design. They do look like the real thing even with collar and button. They are chopper / hatchet /cleaver shaped blade/spoon. 
I have watched as these trophy oars have been presented and seen grown men with tears in their eyes from their flood of rowing memories . Novice rowers overwhelmed to receive their real, trophy oar. 
 I passionately believe in these miniature oars and feel every rower deserves one

YES we do post Internationally