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NO Sorry,  nothing related to,   who's the chicken on the Erg or the turkey who put them there.

The forth Chapter of-   The Battered Rower.  Placement 

By the:    Feathering Ferret.   

Learn how and why one of these [ vortex ] each stroke will get you heading in the right direction

"Other words could be : grasp, grip, seize, clutch, grab, snatch, hook, snare, capture, acquire, intercept.. It does not mean drive or push with legs or stand on the foot stretcher which most are programmed to do. This precise moment in time, during a rowing stroke makes it, or usually breaks it. Sadly the latter is the case for many.  Accompanied by: not fit enough or not strong or good enough, muppets, ‘ they need more erg 2kms ‘, ‘No, more 5km ergs ‘  etc. Self doubt flourishes ……………and let the Batterings begin......."

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The Battered Rower - Ch 4 Placement

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