The Battered Rower - ithoughts

iRow,  ithoughts,  iworks if ithinks !!!


The forward / introduction is half written and will be updated during training or completion. Which ever comes first..

The commencement of 38+ Chapters,  yes ROWING.  ' Isims ' by 'The Feathering Ferret' 

For too many years the expectations on rowers, coxswains, coaches and administrators continues to take its toll. The attrition rate is far too high due to pushing  them beyond their limits, physically, mentally, financially etc.  So the Ferret wants to provoc thought along these lines  not to reinvent the wheel but lubricate it a little . Hence these chapters will  hopefully take us to play in the puddle and not keep diving head first into it  

The Ferret has some new, some crazy, ideas if you dare open the lid and take a peep to help you to live a life more passionate about rowing,   e.g.    The measure of success,  Are school rowers just fodder?,  What is a force curve?   Row better not harder!!!

Chapter I -   P4     ' The Chicken or the Egg   '  Fifty four years in the cooking. By chapter 6 you will hopefully  see the light. Hopefully we can setup many new rowers before their neuromuscula  programming is set to be another .....BATTERED ROWER

Confusing for some but how does one prioritize rowing's  many skills,  equipment set-up  etc, to row efficiently?

Some would want the ferret skinned as for uttering these thoughts!!!

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The Battered Rower - Ch 1   P4    The Chicken or The Egg

The Battered Rower - Ch 1 P4 The Chicken or The Egg

Released  24th July 2018. Once your download has been activated , go to your account > downl..


The Battered Rower -  Ch 2  Towards The Logic

The Battered Rower - Ch 2 Towards The Logic

The logic is in here, although it may take some digesting.  Expanding on P4   with re..


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