A crew set of oars is supplied painted with your colour/s  to remember a season, that race, or doing it .

NB. Price is per oar, as as crew can be 2 -  9+ members   8+, Cox, Coach, Sponsor, Trophy Cabinet

 Set Out:   Centered     

                   Line1.                      Club / School / Regatta / .......                      

                          2.                                    NAME :  ie.  J Jones  [ From Personalized list below ]   

                          3.                         Race / Event / Placing

 If needed        5.                          Venue / Lake / other

 last Line          4 .                                   YEAR 


Inscription cost per line is $2.50  [$2.50  to $12.50]

Please email [Email: sales@oarthenticoars.com]  the inscription/s you want included on each Oar.

1-5 lines of 25 character per line.     Include your Details and club for us to track your order.

If names are required to match bow or stroke side, include seat number    i.e. H Smithy (7)  or  Harry S (Coach)

Option:     Crew names can be engraved on the rear of each blade.

Use    www.oarspotter.com  or up load your photo as a JPEG file

ie.For an 8+, cox coach [5x bow + 5x stroke]=10 oars Don't forget your Sponsor and  Trophy Cabinet.

NB. Rowers do like to have the correct side oar [ Bow  or  Stroke ]

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Miniature Oars [crew set] with Inscription

  • $30.00

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