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Yes we do post Internationally

Welcome to Oarthentic Oars. 

At Oarthentic Oars we offer a variety of unique rowing memorabilia for all rowers and scullers. 

I custom paint replica miniature oars so the blade, spoon is painted in your own country, university, school or club colours and design. I can produce one off’s or crew sets, don’t forget the coxswain and the coaches. Or perhaps a regatta set with your rowing sponors' logo. 

The blade, spoon can be even more personalized as I can engrave up to 4 lines on it. The regatta, event you were rowing or sculling in and your placing in your 2K race.

 The oars make exceptional prizes and awards, they are great for presentations; the ideal thank you for coaches, club/ regatta officials and awards for competing oarsmen and oarswomen from masters to novices and school rowers. Regatta organizers can award the oars for ‘Rower of the day,’ Official of the day,’ Coxswain of the day.’ Great for both outdoor and indoor ergo rowing, reward yourself for a great erg score which you can even have engraved on the blade. I produce rowing trophies and rowing awards.

 My miniature crystal clear blade on long or shortened shafts mounted into dark marble are stunning. Or bow side/stroke side oars in your colours and design mounted on a timber stand are impressive as well. Blade/spoon key tags are also available, bow and stroke side, port and starboard painted in your colours/design. 

A collection of rowing jewellery, handcrafted in sterling silver. (Prices available for gold) Reward yourself; you have done the hard yards rowing/sculling 2000 meters. How many meters/miles? 

These oars will truly fit your budget and your room.

Yes we do post Internationally